Monday, November 19, 2007

Recent eneavours - or -make bags while the sun shines

Have been dabbling a bit with tapestry crochet of late, inspired by the amazing work of Carol Ventura and others on the net. While I have tried this before, I never actually made anything - just played about.

The order for a hat for Kosta was a perfect excuse to play about even more - Kosta is a VERY non establishment lad and my instructions were, 'make it as crazy as possible'. With this, I changed stitches and colours on a whim and even included a bit of TC.

Hey, that was fun, thought moi, must do some more of that. MMM...turtles might be a giggle- will just colour in a couple of boxes on graph paper and give it a go. Well it was fun, and a learning experience as well. Crochet stitches made by right handed folk slope right, right? Straight lines don't turn out straight, straight! Well the turtles danced and colours looked jolly so all in all, not too bad. Just a small question.... to felt or not to felt? Still, this is a dilemma.
A bit hooked on this designing stuff now, and getting really adventurous, thought to make a bag for the DD who is about to depart the shores of Oz for the ski slopes of Japan. Since she thinks, breathes and speaks very little other than cold white stuff on hills and planks on feet, the skiier motif had no contest. This one will definitely be visiting the washing machine for a good rumble about - or maybe I could just give it to the dogs to play with!

Last but not least, the promised wine carrier bag for Trev. Yeah I promised, and if it doesn't get made, he will not let me forget it. Thinking to make life a little easier for myself, I used one of Carol's motifs from her More Tapestry Crochet book. This one was lookin' good. Even dear old Dad could identify the orange dogs! Woops! On returning home after a wee adventure in planes and automobiles, the dogs had slipped their leads and the WIP had vanished.
Second attempt now in progress. This will be felted as I am sure that this would be much more sensible for the intended purpose.

So, loving the TC but not loving quite so much the achy hands and wrists that seem to result from extended hours (I wish!) of labour. Stay posted for the fully felted outcomes.

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gusseting said...

looking fantastic - i love the turtles! you've already been dobbed in for putting work into the sydney show - they have a category for creative crochet from your own pattern (or complete lack thereof...). you'd be great.