Saturday, October 20, 2007

lotsa stuff with stick and string

Just to let you know that if you really have nothing much else to do, there is a bit more stuff that has fallen off the crochet sticks at

Friday, October 19, 2007

yarns at curly

...just to prove that it really does happen! Yes I do sit on the beach and crochet. Yes people do look at me strangely. Yes I do get sand in stuff. But hey, with this view just down the road apiece, wouldn't anyone? (ok so don't answer that - I know, I know, I am yet to see another crocheter sur la plage)

Fulling around with felting

Here are the before and after shots (ok so one of the after shots is still to come)- taken with the phone as the camera charger is still in hiding somewhere. The Kureyon yarn (blue-ish) makes a much softer felted fabric. T'was a lot of fun, despite the fact that the washing machine lives in a deep damp cave.

new models old stuff

Right in the middle of Inspector Rex they arrived! Such poor timing! But, one can never let a chance go by. The beautiful models were immediately (well, almost) wrapped in crochet stuff and paraded before the camera. Ahhhh, how youth and beauty can do so much for the humble hooked hat.

This is Tess wrapped in black.

...and Tess the Purple Princess

...and a happily hatted couple

Gotta luv 'em!