Thursday, August 23, 2007

5th generation Martinis - appropriately clad

The gorgeous Maya - and I still haven't met her!!

And who is this handsome lad?

It's not all about me.....really!

Just so you know that, given time, all things can be achieved. I have been meaning to share this information about the cushion from the southern rainforests for ages now, but life, love and the universe have been intervening. Now I have all that stuff sorted, here it is.

In the words of its creator:

This is the cushion cover I made en route from Kiama to Darwin, via Cairns, and then back to Kiama via Alice Springs. It didn't even begin as a cushion cover, but after visiting old friends near Innisfail, it evolved into Virginia's cushion, since she liked the colours of the 'square'

So, some of us are talented, but others of us are even more talented!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two more FOs

Off to the post office to dispatch two more FO's. Finally put the finishing touches to that fulled bag for the cuz and have to admit, I am quite pleased with the outcome - just not the time it took to do those last few stitches. Love the outcome of the fulling when using handspun hand dyed yarns and the flowers - well gotta have 'em! (yeah and even though it doesn't look it, the flowers really and truly are totally symmetrical to the Corindi Beach standards of symmetry!)

...and what else I hear you ask...
Well, given that I have yet to meet her face to face I have constructed the jacket below for the newest of the Martinis. Made it with an acrylic yarn (machine washable, non irritating etc etc) and it was horrid to work with, but looks and feels quite quite nice thankyou very much. Hope she likes it cos I don't fancy having mashed banana thrown my way.
Being new to this blogging thingo, you will need to wait for the rest of the photos - have loads more stuff to figure out yet....but don't hold your breath waiting for the photo of moi - it will be a long long time in the adobe photoshop before it hits PUBLISH POST status.