Friday, October 19, 2007

yarns at curly

...just to prove that it really does happen! Yes I do sit on the beach and crochet. Yes people do look at me strangely. Yes I do get sand in stuff. But hey, with this view just down the road apiece, wouldn't anyone? (ok so don't answer that - I know, I know, I am yet to see another crocheter sur la plage)

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aykayem said...

If I lived that close to the beach I would crochet on the beach too!
... unless of course the weather was warm enough to swim - in which case I would most likely be IN the water (or busy building sand castles or dabbling around taking photos in rockpools or something) ... hmmm ... I may have crocheted on a beach (can't remember offhand, but it is possible that I have) but I know I have not tried crocheting while IN the water yet ... I might have to give that one a go next time I am at the beach for long enough to actually remember to do it!
Unfortunately I just happen, for some odd reason, to love the sea/beach/etc ... but I also just happen to live in the only capital city in Australia that ISN'T near the sea!
(yes THAT Andrea ... the one who posts weird stuff to the Australiacrochet list - lol - I just got around to finding your blogs and having a look ...)